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About me

I am Emilia Kovalcsik,  I coach ambitious and young managers to develop their leadership and thrive in their roles. I help them build on their strengths, improve their resilience and develop a growth mindset to find confidence and joy in their work
Daring Leadership is a bold dream I have. The world needs more of brave and unapologetic Leaders, strong yet vulnerable, who are consciously living up to their values. With me, you can become one.

What to expect?


To no surprise, you will build a solid plan, do an inventory of what you have and where you are now, and build a vision and a roadmap to where you want to get. 
What makes the difference is that I will be there, step by step, giving you tools and cheering for you as you go and try them out.
So what to expect? 
A lot of hard work, honesty, change, discovery and… more work.
Alright, there will be some fun too, without a doubt.

What my clients say

One year ago I was experiencing a major crisis in my career as a Manager in a leading consultancy company, yet I was afraid of changes. Fortunately, I met Emilia, who helped me to navigate through this very difficult moment of my life – a moment of self-doubt and anxiety. Emilia helped me to change my perspective and believe in myself again. She was my biggest supporter, a person I could talk to in the hardest moments. During our sessions, she has consistently brought valuable insights and based on the coaching I have become more thoughtful in determining my career and personal needs. Her thought-provoking questions helped me to better assess myself and facilitate insight and growth.
I’m certain I’ll reach out to her the next time I have a big decision or a big career move to make.
 Anna Chrzanowska-Kovács, Sales Manager
I had the wonderful opportunity to be coached by Emilia through 10 sessions during winter of 2019-20. I found the sessions tremendously useful in setting my priorities in a new career. Emilia led our discussions with the utmost professionalism, care, and interest. I felt that she was fully invested in directing me on a route of self-discovery and she took on this role with great sensitivity. She was very respectful of my boundaries and attentive to my preferences, but she was also able to ask the right and sometimes difficult questions that nudged me towards personal revelations. She offered easy-to-use tools that helped me implement my objectives. Most of our sessions took place online, but I never felt that she was remote or that I was missing out on the face-to-face contact. As a result of these sessions and Emilia’s careful direction, I am far more confident in what I want to achieve and know how to implement change in practice. I’ve been recommending Emilia to everyone ever since. She is the best second pair of eyes you can have on any aspect of your professional/personal life
Dr Szilvia Mosonyi, Assistant Professor, Queen Mary University of London
When I first met Emilia 10 years ago, I saw a strong professional, leading the financial planning and analysis department of a multinational company. I remember I was looking at her as one of the most experienced leaders. I can surely and thankfully say that I got a friend, a mentor, and someone whose way of thinking can be an example for anyone during the years. Our coaching relationship started a bit more than a year ago. When I started to feel uncomfortable, I could not really identify goals and priorities for my professional life and realized that my leadership skills need more focus.
At this point, Emi gave me a different point of view, firstly reviewing my “problems” from an objective way, then helped me to identify the key points having all “problems” impacted by. She helped me to realize and use the skills I have. This period of my life was a hard one from professional and personal aspects as well, and I am sure that I could not make the changes happen this way, without her. I could realize that some of the routes I was “walking on” were already ended and I need to take the next steps.
Today, I can say that my self-confidence level is upgraded, I can realize and celebrate the success ( even if it is a small one), I can step back and view myself from an objective view. Of course, this improvement process has not ended, just got to a higher level, so today I can focus more on the details of each goal that I identified.
I strongly recommend Emilia as a coach. Her ability to keep your focus on the important topics is unique. She is a good listener who has a wide knowledge of relating tools to open up your mind. You don’t know what you can achieve until you try.
Zoltán Jávori, CFO in a multinational company


During years of corporate life, through countless interactions with managers and leaders, my own observations and, obviously, learning by doing in a managerial role, I gathered sizable luggage of experiences. 
A lot of what I know now, I wish I had known before. I want to share it with you.
See if you find the answers you have been looking for.
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