When you work with me

You are asked many questions and search for the answers.

You are listened to and supported, always.

You stay focused on what you want to achieve.

You are challenged and You keep going even when it gets hard.

You stay motivated, I always have your back.

You get homework, I follow up, cheer for you and don't let you give up.

You grow

What to expect

In my work, I use my managerial experience and coaching models and tools to achieve optimal results and reach your goals.
With each client, we design a process and agree on steps which are best matching the needs and personality of the client.  During a coaching process, we will go through steps which will lead you from goals definition to a successful outcome. 
We do a Reality Check and see where you are now with your life and career. We understand what is working and what is not.
We list and understand your Values, and, based on them, we set Priorities for your life and career.
We build a compelling Vision of fulfilled and prosperous future. You clearly describe your desired leadership style, and we create a step by step Roadmap to get there.
In the process, we name your Strengths and build on them, recognize your inner resources and understand how to make the best use of them.
We also name and challenge your Limiting Beliefs and perceptions, which might be stopping you on your path to brave leadership. We work to dissolve them.
You Practice skills and strengthen the mindset needed to be a daring and brave leader – listening, assertiveness, conscious and purposeful living, setting boundaries, courage and vulnerability, shifting perspectives and getting comfortable with change.
And finally, we Make it Real – you put your skills in practice, you experiment and expand your comfort zone and bring to life the vision you created.
You are equipped with self-confidence, resilience and integrity to be the leader you want to be!
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