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The loneliness of a manager

For most, becoming a manager is stepping into new territory, and very often, we step into it completely unprepared. I talk to many new managers who are surprised and often overwhelmed by how many new expectations they have to meet and don’t know even where to start.   As a manager, you need to communicate differently, delegate, give feedback, make

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Do you make the most of your meetings?

I was running a workshop recently, and at the very end of the 2-hour programme, one of the participants asked me the following question: why are we here and why did we have to have this training? It was a surprise for me and gave me a bit of a pause, and not because I did not know the answer

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How to receive negative feedback

What is feedback? In the most basic understanding, it is a piece of information that comes back to you, a reaction of the others on what and how you do things. Feedback comes in many forms – you can get it in a conversation, in an e-mail, or you can observe it as an action. Your customers give you feedback

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How to avoid making rash decisions

WAIT – What Am I Telling myself? During my coaching journey with Co-Active Training Institute, I learnt one of the super helpful acronyms, WAIT, which stands for Why Am I Talking.  It was one of those (next to FAIL – For All I’ve Learnt) that I kept written on a post-it note above my desk when I started my coaching

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How to manage stress and anxiety?

How do you feel before an important meeting or a presentation? Do you suffer from stress and anxiety before The Day comes? How do you deal with it? How do stress and anxiety manifest for you? Do you have troubles sleeping? Get frustrated and irritated for no good reason? For me, the anxiety starts as a delicate sensation in my

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Is positive feedback always positive?

My clients often ask me how to give constructive negative feedback to their employees, colleagues, or even their bosses. They look for proper and effective ways of passing criticism on a poor job or behaviour they want to eliminate. Interestingly, managers rarely ask me how to give positive feedback. If I ask them about it, usually they believe that positive

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How to stop reacting and start responding

Do you often replay a past situation or conversation in your head and wish you responded differently? Or are the best answers coming to you right after you finish the meeting or just after you hit the “Send” button? I think we all had at least one conversation when we said something too quickly or we reacted in a way

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Not a popularity contest

Work is not a popularity contest – with this sentence, my manager tried to convince me to stop being too nice to people around me. It was one of the sentences that I wouldn’t say I liked when I heard it first, and I profoundly disagreed with it. I was terrified by the thought that people will not like me!

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Set yourself for success

How many times have you heard that you should be more effective, more senior, communicate or listen better, that you should deal better with this or that, that you should be a better manager? And how many times you had the feeling that you more-less understand what is requested but not quite. The easiest would be to ask what the

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Why do I procrastinate?

Do you have a tendency to postpone things for later?   Does it bother you and are you, like many of us, a victim of the “procrastination” illness? If it bothers you, you probably tried to do SOMETHING about it, right?   But have you ever thought what are the true reasons behind your procrastination?    There are five main

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