Mastermind Group for First-time Leaders


What is a Mastermind Group for First-time Leaders?

Imagine that you have your crew, a team of knowledgable peers, new managers, just like you who listen and support you
Imagine a group of professionals ready to help you using their own experiences and best practices when challenging times are on your horizon. 
How would you feel to be a part of a group of managers where you can bring your challenges and receive honest and valuable feedback and where members keep their fingers crossed for your important meetings and are there to celebrate your success with you?
Mastermind Group for First-time Leaders is about effective and practical learning, increasing your mind-share by working with other First-time Leaders who share similar goals and experiences.  
In this safe environment, members use their resources and capabilities to support each other’s growth in a confidential, non-competitive way.

 What will You gain?

  • Learning and advice; you will learn from ideas and experience of other participants;
  • New perspectives, looking at your situation through the eyes of your peers can bring surprising results;
  • Feedback and brainstorming on your ideas in a judgment free environment; you can test your ideas in a supportive group before presenting them to the world;
  • Community support, motivation and accountability;
  • Support from other professionals who understand where you are and what you are dealing with;
  • Clarity, focus and confidence in presenting your ideas;
  • Place where you get advice on topics like delegation, feedback, communication;
  • Confidence on your way to becoming a confident and brave Leader

 Who is it for?

The program is directed to experienced professionals who are new to their managerial roles or are on the path to being promoted to one.
Join the Mastermind Group for First-time Leaders if you are ready to share your experiences, willing to give and receive support, learn and work with others, ask and discuss. 
This program is for those who are passionate and curious, and eager to grow.

 What can You expect?

In practice, Mastermind Group for First-time Leaders takes the form of a series of informal yet structured online meetings led and facilitated by an experienced coach.
You will bring the most relevant topics for you and ask for advice from others. You will also listen and advise your peers from the group. 
You will learn from the experience and best practices of others and share your wisdom with them.
You will experience and discuss different points of view, give and receive honest feedback, and test the ideas you might have, all in a safe and confidential environment.

Some logistics:

You will meet bi-weekly for 3 months in a group of 4 to 6 participants.
Each meeting will last 90-120 minutes to give enough time for each group member.
Meetings will be held online and will  happen via zoom.
The program will start in September and the exact starting date and time of the meetings will be agreed with participants.
Every meeting will have a set structure:
  • Round of success – each session (except the 1st one) will start with sharing success stories and achievements;
  • Hot-Seat – for every meeting you will bring a topic or a challenge for which you need advice from the group. You will have your hot-seat time to share it and ask your question. Your peers will share their ideas with you to help you solve it.
  • We will close each session with a commitment/plan – this will be an excellent motivation for action.
The 3-month program consists of:
  • a goal-setting coaching session at the start of the program,
  • 6 group meetings (2 per month)
  • 3 individual coaching sessions through the period of the program (1 per month of a program)

 Who will be Your coach?

My name is Emilia Kovalcsik, I help managers become leaders. I will have the pleasure of facilitating the Mastermind Group for First-time Leaders and support you in your growth.
For 16 years, I led teams and projects as a finance professional in multinational companies. Throughout my career, I worked as an accountant, project manager, business analyst, finance manager.
I know how difficult it is to be a new manager when all is new and so important! When you might be afraid to raise your voice, take a decision, delegate, fail. Finding your voice, building your brand and being a brave leader is a challenge, and I can help you on your way.
Join the Mastermind program and bravely take a step towards Leadership!
If you want to join the Mastermind Group for First-time Leaders starting in September, or you have questions about it, fill in the form and I will get back to you.
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