Emilia Kovalcsik
Emilia Kovalcsik

Why do I procrastinate?

Do you have a tendency to postpone things for later?
Does it bother you and are you, like many of us, a victim of the “procrastination” illness?
If it bothers you, you probably tried to do SOMETHING about it, right?
But have you ever thought what are the true reasons behind your procrastination? 
There are five main reasons why people procrastinate:
  1. They simply hate the task
  2. They do not have the confidence to go on with the activity
  3. They get easily distracted
  4. The task is simply too big for one chunk
  5. Their creativity is blocked
Once you identify which of the procrastination reason is stopping you from taking another step, it will be much easier to apply the strategy to overcome your tendency.
So ask yourself, which of the five reasons is making you postpone the tasks.
  1. If you hate the task: 
    • ask yourself why is that? perhaps you have a belief that is stopping and limiting you?
    • reward yourself for taking up on the task you don’t particularly like
    • try a “10-minute promise” game and do the task for only 10 minutes at first, maybe it is not as bad as it seams
  2. If you lack confidence:
    • identify the skillset you need and look for how to get it
    • experiment and remember that each attempt is teaching you something 
    • ask for help
  3. If you are easily distracted:
    • name the things that distract you and deal with them
    • clear your desk, switch your notifications off, get yourself water and food to avoid reasons to stand up
    • block yourself time in the calendar to deal with the task
    • give yourself predetermined progress that you want to make
  4. If the task seems too big:
    • break the task in small activities and list them down
    •  create a list with all the small activities and track the progress
  5. If your creativity is blocked:
    • remember than Done is better than Perfect and Just Do It
    • there is no magic wand which will make you inspired in an instant, so instead of waiting for it to come, just start working and see what happens
And also remember to be realistic and kind to yourself.
Not every delayed task is due to our tendency to procrastinate – perhaps you just planned too much for yourself? 

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